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Gebel Kamil Meteorite from Sahara Desert, Egypt, 3.9g

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Gebel Kamil Iron Meteorite, found 2009 in the Sahara Desert, Egypt. Includes 1.25" collectors box with specimen ID card.

This Gebel Kamil meteorite specimen has the distinctive "lizard skin" texture, a characteristic found only in Gebel Kamil meteorites. Due to the dry arid climate, Gebel Kamil irons are well preserved with a rich bronze-colored desert patina. Sculptural shrapnel shapes are common, with some of the specimens exhibiting the unique lizard skin texture. When cut and polished, the interior of Gebel Kamil reveals a bright mirror finish, without Widmanstätten patterns.

  • Classification: Iron, Ungrouped
  • Weight: 3.9g
  • Size: 19mm x 13mm
  • Location: Sahara Desert, Egypt
  • Year Found: 2009
  • Includes 1.25" Collectors Box
  • You'll receive the Meteorite specimen shown in the photos.

The crater was discovered on Google Earth in 2009, by Italian scientist Vincenzo De Michele, while he was searching for ancient Egyptian settlements. An expedition to the remote site determined the crater was created by a meteorite impact, about 5,000 years ago. Total known weight recovered is 1,600kg, much of it has been curated at the Egyptian Geological Museum in Cairo.

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