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Australian Boulder Opal - Queensland, Australia

Australian Boulder Opal - Queensland, Australia

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Boulder Opal from Queensland, Australia. This natural Australian Boulder Opal drilled cabochon is almost entirely Ironstone, the matrix Boulder Opal is found in, it displays the grain of Ironstone beautifully. Some very tiny "micro" sparks of Opal can also be seen in the Ironstone up close when they catch the light.

Boulder Opal was formed millions of years ago, today Boulder Opal is mined in the Opal fields of Western Queensland, Australia. Boulder Opal is the second most valuable opal in the world, after black opal. Mined in ironstone boulders, where thin veins of opal form in cracks and fissures in the ironstone. Australian Boulder Opal can exhibit vibrant play of color, with variations of iridescent aqua, blue, indigo, milky pastels or occasional glimmers of green and purple. Every piece of Boulder Opal is unique. Most Boulder Opal is cut into freeform shapes to best display and preserve the weight and size of the Opal layer. 

The combination of glimmering aqua-blue Boulder Opal on warm brown ironstone is reminiscent of the Earth and Ocean. 

  • Stone: Boulder Opal 
  • Origin: Queensland, Australia
  • Size: 41mm height, 18mm width, 5mm depth
  • Weight: 10g
  • Natural, free of dyes or enhancements.
  • You'll receive the Boulder Opal specimen shown in the photos.
  • Shown with acrylic mineral display stand, sold separately.


Australian Boulder Opal Metaphysical Properties and Healing Benefits
Australian Boulder Opal is a restorative stone. Refreshing the mind and body, clearing blockages, allowing clarity and energy flow freely. Boulder Opal feels grounding and comforting. Helping to restore ones wellness, emotional balance and release stress and anxiety. Clearing and brightening ones aura, amplifying optimism, Australian Boulder Opal enhances ones inner and outer beauty. 

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