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Clinochlore Pseudomorph After Quartz from Russia

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Incrustation Pseudomorph, Clinochlore After Quartz Crystal from the Pelingichey deposit, Prepolar Ural, Russia. This Clinochlore Quartz Pseudomorph specimen has excellent formation, with the original quartz crystal structure preserved beautifully underneath a glittering "sugar" coating of Clinochlore. Only a small "window" into the quartz remains exposed, on the back of the specimen, allowing one to see inside. The crystals are perched on the host matrix. This is an exquisite Clinochlore after Quartz Pseudomorph collectors specimen. 

What is a Pseudomorph?

In Mineralogy, a Pseudomorph is when one mineral replaces another. Minerals often grow together and on each other but certain minerals are more prone to becoming pseudomorphs, if given the right conditions. The formation of pseudomorphs can vary. Some begin by a mineral growing on another mineral, coating the surface, while the original mineral begins to dissolve and be replaced. Pseudomorphs can also form by the mineral composition changing one molecule at a time into a different mineral. The result is a hybrid mineral formation that exhibits the habit and structural form of the original mineral but with the replacement mineral. These mineral hybrids are referred to as replacement mineral After original mineral Pseudomorph

An incrustation pseudomorph, also called epimorph or perimorph, is the result of a process where one mineral coats another. The original mineral may or may not dissolve during the process, as this new mineral incrustation forms on its surface, encasing the original mineral. 

Pseudomorphs are complex and intrinsically variable mineral specimens, making these unusual formations fascinating and collectible to mineral collectors.

  • Mineral: Clinochlore, Quartz
  • Origin: Ural, Russia
  • Size: 65mm height
  • Weight: 88g
  • Natural, free of dyes or enhancements.
  • You'll receive the crystal specimen shown here in the photos.


Quartz Crystal Metaphysical
Quartz crystal is known as a master healer, the most versatile and multidimensional stone of all the minerals. Quartz resonates with all of the chakras, clearing energy blockages and allowing energy to flow smoothly throughout one's body. The three key properties of Quartz is energy amplification, programmability and memory. Quartz can be programmed by one's focused intention to assist in achieving one's goals. Quartz amplifies the energies of any other stones. The nature of Quartz is self-healing and encourages clarity on all levels.

Clinochlore minerals are exceptional healers, bringing vitality and renewed energy to those recovering from illness or trauma. It's stimulating to the chi and facilitate the movement of energy throughout the body. Clinochlore is soothing to the emotional body and it assists one in maintaining hope and a positive outlook through difficult trials.

- Reference, The Book Of Stones.

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