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Pyrite Belemnite Fossil - Russia

Pyrite Belemnite Fossil - Russia

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Natural Pyrite Belemnite fossil, rare collectors specimen from Russia.

Belemnites are extinct cephalopods, they lived in the warm seas during the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, from 66 million-200 million years ago. Belemnites became extinct near the end of the Cretaceous period, around the same time the dinosaurs disappeared. Belemnites are now found as fossils, originally buried by silt and sediments that eventually solidified and formed sedimentary rock. Some of the most beautiful gem-quality Belemnite specimens have been unearthed in Russia. 

Similar to Ammonites, Belemnite fossils can vary in appearance. Usually the fossil is found looking like an ancient earthy spear-point. Occasionally a Belemnite will be in its matrix rock partially exposed. Once in a while, we fossil collectors come across a very special display specimen, a Belemnite fossil that's become agatized or even replaced by Pyrite crystals or opal! 

You can imagine the excitement when our longtime fossil supplier from Russia showed us this piece, a Belemnite fossil with Pyrite in the matrix rock, with a perfectly formed rosette captured in the Pyrite. One of my favorite features of this specimen is how it appears to be "hiding" in the matrix. 

Please note, the host matrix rock of this Belemnite specimen is untreated/unsealed. For now I will leave it natural for the proud new owner to do with as they choose. I'm unsure if the matrix is slate or shale, its somewhat flakey with thin cleavage planes and a few hairline cracks within the matrix but overall it feels like a strong solid piece. It's unknown if this Belemnite specimen has had any restorative repairs to the matrix or not, it's possible, as its common practice in preserving fossils within the original matrix they were found in and preventing deterioration. When breaking up host rock, even with small hand tools, hairline fractures and fossils dislodging from their matrix is a common occurrence. Please refer to photos. Overall this is an incredibly stunning one-of-a-kind Belemnite display piece and one of most interesting specimens we've come across.

  • Fossil: Belemnite with Pyrite in Matrix
  • Weight: 536g
  • Size: 160mm L x 75mm W
  • Natural, free of dyes or enhancements.
  • Unknown if any restorative repairs have been done to matrix rock.
  • You'll receive the Belemnite fossil shown here in the photos. 


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