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Super Seven Tower - Brazil

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Beautiful Super Seven Tower from Brazil. Also known as Cacoxenite Amethyst. This variation of Quartz, gets its color from a combination of rich mineral content, including; Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite, Goethite, Clear Quartz and Rutile. Resulting in a stunning Smoky Amethyst with exquisite Earth tones. 

  • Stone: Cacoxenite Super Seven Amethyst
  • Origin: Brazil
  • Size: 80mm (tall)
  • Weight: 374g
  • Natural, free of dyes or enhancements.
  • You'll receive this crystal shown here in the photos.


Cacoxenite Amethyst Metaphysical Benefits

Cacoxenite Amethyst is believed to assist in raising the vibration of ones physical self. Cacoxenite promotes the expansion of the crown and third eye chakras. It enables one to cleanse the energy systems of any negative attachments, allowing one to move forward on one's path. Placing Cacoxenite on the third eye and solar plexus, one can initiate an energy flow that promotes a deeper understanding and healing of one's emotions. Cacoxenite can assist one in feeling empowered to align one's life more closely with one's vision. 

When Cacoxenite is in Amethyst and Smoky Quartz, its energy cleanses and clears the aura and energetic systems. It assists one in connecting to the Earth and completing the electrical circuit between one's physical body and the planet, re-establishing a healthy energetic flow in the body.


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