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Smoky Quartz Crystal Point - Brazil

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Beautiful Natural Smoky Quartz crystal point from Brazil. This specimen has a rich Smoky espresso color with semi-transparent clarity, sparkling inclusions and rainbow prisms.

Smoky quartz varies in color, it can be found in shades of tan and caramel to medium-brown, chocolate and the deepest espresso. In genuine natural Smoky Quartz, the color occurs naturally in the Earth. But clear Quartz crystal is often used and artificially irradiated to produce "Smoky Quartz" this is a common treatment and most sellers will usually disclose which type they offer. All of our Smoky Quartz is natural/untreated and comes direct to us from Brazil.

  • Stone: Natural Smoky Quartz Crystal
  • Size: 75mm
  • Weight: 214g
  • Natural, free of dyes or enhancements, non-irradiated.
  • You'll receive the crystal shown here in the photos.


Quartz Crystal Metaphysical

Smoky Quartz is one of the most powerful grounding stones, it's energy cleanses and clears the aura and energetic systems. It assists one in connecting to the Earth and completing the electrical circuit between one's physical body and the planet. Smoky Quartz reestablishes a healthy energetic flow in the body.

Smoky Quartz can be used to effectively counter electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by computers and other electronics or sources of natural radiation in one's environment. 

In healing work, Smoky Quartz draws densities out of the aura and grounds their energy for reprocessing by the Earth. It enables negative energies to be clarified so they may become usable and healthy once again.


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