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Sunstone Gold Earrings | Nude Collection

Sunstone Gold Earrings | Nude Collection

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NEW! Sunstone and 14k gold-filled earrings. These earrings are a new design from our Nude collection. I design and handcraft each piece in our Nude collection to have a feminine, delicate, barely-there appearance that blends into the skin. Our elegant "Nude" earrings are ultra light-weight and comfortable, made to compliment you, enhance your skin tone and creates just the right amount of sparkle against your skin. 

The Sunstone gemstones we use are beautiful natural transparent stones with warm iridescent schiller, also known as adularescence. The total earring length is about 60mm, I use 14k gold-filled to wire wrap each Moonstone stone, gold-filled sphere and chain. Circle ear wires are 14k gold-filled.

  • Stone: Sunstone
  • Total Length: 60mm
  • Metal: 14k Gold-filled
  • Stone Size: 2mm
  • Nickel-free 
  • Natural, free of dyes or enhancements.
  • Earrings shown are an example of the pair you'll receive.
  • I make each pair of earrings especially for you when your order is received. Please allow 1-3 business days.

    Made with love by Christine Kobzeff in the Sonoran Desert, Tucson, Arizona.  

    Sunstone Metaphysical Benefits
    Sunstone is the stone of abundance, helping one take action to manifest one's desires in physicality. Sunstone teaches one to use their skills and abilities in service to others. The element of Sunstone is fire, it activates and aligns with the second and third chakras (Creative and Solar Plexus). The name Sunstone comes from its warm color and reflected light, reminiscent of the sun.

    Sunstone is also the stone of personal power, freedom, expanded consciousness and enlightened leadership. Of all the stones on Earth, this one truly reflects the qualities of solar light, openness, warmth, strength and mental clarity. Those who are held back by fear and self-doubt may discover Sunstone melts away those feelings of unworthiness that can keep one from becoming their best self.

    Sunstone can assist in the manifestation of prosperity, the acquisition of knowledge and the attainment of wisdom. Sunstone can aid in channeling and multiplying healing energy and blessings to others. Worn over the heart, Sunstone can bring the heart's wisdom into alignment with the mind's inspirations. Meditating with Sunstone on the third eye will help one to see their highest path of action in any situation. Sunstone warms and stimulates the emotional body. It can help one transform anger into energy, judgment into joy. It raises the vibration of one's emotional patterns. -The Book Of Stones, Robert Simmons.


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