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Zircon Gold Necklace | Nude Collection

Zircon Gold Necklace | Nude Collection

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NEW! Zircon and 14k gold-filled necklace. This necklace is a new design from our Nude collection. I design and handcraft each piece in our Nude collection to have a feminine, delicate, barely-there appearance that blends into the skin. Each light-weight necklace is made to compliment you, enhance your skin tone and creates just the right amount of sparkle against your skin. 

The Zircon gemstones we use are beautiful natural transparent gemmy stones with warm golden sand color. The pendant length is about 40mm, I wire wrap each Zircon stone with 14k gold-filled and set on a fine 14k gold-filled chain, with a wire wrapped gold-filled sphere and lobster clasp.

Choose your length, available in 16", 18", 20" or contact us for custom lengths.

  • Stone: Zircon (natural)
  • Pendant length: 40mm
  • Metal: 14k Gold-filled
  • Quality: A-Grade, gemmy
  • Stone Size: 2mm
  • Natural, free of dyes or enhancements.
  • Necklace shown is an example of the one you'll receive.
  • I make each necklace especially for you when your order is received. Please allow 1-3 business days.

    Made with love by Christine Kobzeff in the Sonoran Desert, Tucson, Arizona. 

    Zircon Metaphysical Benefits

    Zircon is a stone of high intensity and precise focus. Zircon lends energy and strength of purpose to those who might otherwise be overwhelmed by the conflict between their desire to change the world and the fear that their dreams are impossible.

    Zircon is a storm element stone that stimulates every chakra of the body, bringing high-frequency energy through the crown and grounding it through the base chakra and Earthstar chakra. It stimulates the flow of chi through the meridian system and can be helpful in overcoming sluggish or depressed energies.

    Zircon aids in one becoming a vehicle for spirit while maintaining one's connection to the Earth plane. It greatly amplifies intuitive abilities. Zircon stimulates the body's ability to cleanse toxins from the system. It can be used to support detoxification and the clearing of the physical body at the same time its energy clears the aura and energetic systems.

    In energy work, raw Zircon crystals are valuable tools for body layouts. They can be used to activate any of the linkage points between the physical and etheric bodies. Because of their focus and intensity, Zircon can be used next to any other stone to amplify its effects. -The Book Of Stones, Robert Simmons

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